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Re: filmscanners: Re: computers, scanners

Paul: I think the answer to your question depends a lot on what you are trying
to achieve... I agree that you should maybe take a little more time to look at
your scanner choice... There are a number of excellent scanners out there... I
personally use a Minolta Scan Elite... it has ICE and gives me excellent scans
of color negs and transparencies... I paid $995 new for it at Picutreline in
Salt Lake City... they cater to pros, and sell Nikon and Ploaroid scanners as
well. The word from the the pros that had used both the LS2000 and the Scan
Elite was that they preferred the Scan Elite... I can't batch scan with this
machine, but then I don't need to...

My personal advice would be to buy a G4, you'll find it way easier to expand
(and you will want to expand once your scientific mind latches onto what is
really happening here... there is never enough RAM or a large enough hard
You can use the few hundred bucks difference from the Powerbook price t invest
in a better scanner..
My only hesitation on the Nikons is that the new ones are new... from what
I've seen on this forum, the LS30 owners wish they had an LS2000 (witness Rob
and the jaggies) and the LS2000 owners like their machines except for when
they have problems that Nikon doesn't seem to be very responsive in taking
care of...
The hesitation on the new Nikons is that I would not want to be part of their
field test program... I always buy behind the curve... it took me years to
upgrade from Nikon F's to the N90s and F5 that I use....

Your monitor will work just fine unless you really need a Radius or some other
pro level graphics monitor...

Your other major investment will be software, altho you can Photoshop6 at
education prices... you might want to check out a program called Picture
window at www.dl-c.com   They have a 30 free trial, the program costs $90 to
register if you want it and it looks like it will do everything PS6 will do
(for photogs) plus a bit more....  Again, that will mean money saved that can
be put into the best scanner you can buy...

I emphasize that again, a scanner is like a camera... buy the best you can
right off the bat, or else you're going to have to go back and buy the one you
should have bought in the first place...

As far as printers... there ain't no easy answer.. I use an Epson 740 right
now as well as an HP 932C... they both give me great results for inkjest...
There are third party pigments I can buy for the Epson that will give me more
archival results...

As to PhotoCD... a great system, but it will add up quickly if you have the
entire roll scanned... the cheapest is probably ok if all you want are low res
files for 8x10's...
the next level up, the Master, is what I recommend from 35mm, the scans cost
about $3.00 and work great... the only problem is that you are controlled by
whoever they have running the scanner...
Hope this helps...

Mike Moore

If you don't really need all the bells and whis

patton paul wrote:

> On Sun, 28 Jan 2001, Michael Wilkinson wrote:
> > Hi Paul.
> > First priority to me would be the input device.
> > Once you have bought it will last years and still be making good scans
> > when you have gone through several computer upgrades.
> > Any computer, Mac or PC will do what you want with your digital files
> > but your digital files need to be the best you can get to start with.
> > Have a look at the Kodak 3600 scanner.
> > You need to get a monitor which you know you can calibrate so your on
> > screen colours match your output,or visa versa.
> The external monitor port on the G3 powerbook can drive any monitor.
> Can any monitor be calibrated using Apple ColorSync?  Or does that require
> an Apple monitor, or a third party monitor designed specifically to work
> with ColorSync?  I was planning to use a Gateway 2000 monitor which I
> already have at home on loan from work.  Would this be suitable?  Thanks.
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