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Re: filmscanners: Re: computers, scanners

Michael wrote:
> My only hesitation on the Nikons is that the new ones
> are new... from what I've seen on this forum, the LS30
> owners wish they had an LS2000 (witness Rob and the
> jaggies)

Sounds like a name for a kid's adventure book; "Rob and the Jaggies".
The jaggies only bug me if I want to use Nikonscan and ICE.  They
don't happen with Vuescan.  However - I have just reinstalled
Nikonscan with version 2.51 rather than the original 2.5, reset
to the factory defaults and one (only had time for one) frame I
tested came up jaggy free.  More testing is needed, but meanwhile
I'll stick to Vuescan.  It should also be mentioned that *very*
few Mac users have ever reported jaggies from a Nikon scanner.

It's sad - Nikonscan has a visual interface that makes a lot of
things much easier to adjust than Vuescan - but if the only way
I can use Nikonscan and ICE is with the factory default settings,
it's worthless.

I agree with Michael though - we know nothing about the new
scanners.  They may be wonderful, or they may have hassles
of their own.  Don't forget that 4000dpi scans are huge and
you'll need LOTS of RAM and disk space to throw them around.


Rob Geraghty harper@wordweb.com


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