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Re(2): filmscanners: Re: computers, scanners

On Sun, 28 Jan 2001 13:03:42 -0700, Michael Moore wrote:

>My personal advice would be to buy a G4, you'll find it way easier to expand
>(and you will want to expand once your scientific mind latches onto what is
>really happening here... there is never enough RAM or a large enough hard


>Your other major investment will be software, altho you can Photoshop6 at
>education prices... you might want to check out a program called Picture
>window at www.dl-c.com   They have a 30 free trial, the program costs $90 to
>register if you want it and it looks like it will do everything PS6 will do
>(for photogs) plus a bit more....  Again, that will mean money saved that can
>be put into the best scanner you can buy...

I checked "Picture Window" web site and it looks like this program is for
Windows only! I'm aware one can always run this software (or any Windows
program...) on a Mac with an emulator (like VirtualPC), but you should be
warned this will slows down the workflow.

Have a good day!

Raymond Carles


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