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RE: Pigmented inks was Re: filmscanners: SS4000 and LS-2000 real value?

Actually Rob is right concerning Epson's official position.  Furthermore,
just removing the CIS, if your printer allows for the use of a CIS since
many do not - especially the newer chipped models, and reinstalling the
Epson cartridges by itself will not necessarily work.  You would have to
flush and clean all the old third party ink out of the machine as well.  Any
third party ink residue left in the machine for an Epson tech to find and
analyze would be grounds for voiding the warranty legally.

Basically, what you are suggesting and what those who you cite are
suggesting constitute an illegal work around the provisions of the warranty
and hence would void the warranty.  That Epson personnel may not be able to
determine that you have voided the warranty or turn a blind eye to that fact
is another matter altogether.  It is a practical issue and not a legal one.

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real value?

"Robert DeCandido" <rdcny@earthlink.net> wrote:
> You do not void your warranty by using third party inks in an
> Epson.  If you need to return the printer for servicing, just remove
> the CIS and re-install the Epson cartridges.  See the Inkjetmall web
> site (Cone Peizography, eg) for a discussion of this.  We have been
> back and forth on that issue on the Peizo list...Repeat: You do not
> void the warranty!

I suspect Epson would take a different view if the reason the printer
was being returned has due to head blocks caused by non-OEM
inks.  AFAIK Epson's official line is that the use of 3rd party inks
voids the warranty as far as anything to do with the ink flow is



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