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Re: filmscanners: Re: computers, scanners

Paul - you should be able to use a variety of monitors with a 
powerbook, however you should always check each one's requirements 
just to make sure.  I work on a G3 powerbook with an external l9" 
monitor, already not big enough for me.  I don't think the powerbook 
is too slow however one can always use more speed!

Re G3 vs G4, I would always want to go with the newest if possible... 
greater storage, greater ram and power and at least six months to a 
year more longevity in this upgrade age.   You'll need this when 
working on scanning and in Photoshop.  A G3 powerbook is good for me 
since I travel.  If you don't travel as much, I would go for the 
larger desktop.  Apple just released its powerbook G4 but it would be 
too early for me to want to get it... want to see what problems it 
may have first.

I'm a newbie to film scanning and just spent my money on a Minolta 
Scan Elite with digital ice.  I shopped around and actually found 
one, returned to a very reputable dealer in  my area by someone who 
realized he needed a SCSII.  I mangaged to buy it "open box" for $799 
(with warranty), almost $200 less than its price.  The photo CD idea 
is an alternative and I did have several made by a service bureau at 
a high resolution but I realized that it would not take long to have 
paid more than a reasonably good film scanner would have cost.

And BTW, remember that some of the newer Macs don't have a SCSII port 
so if you're contemplating a slightly older scanner, think about the 
extra dollars that may be necessary for a SCSII card.  I have an 
older G3 powerbook with one SCSII port as well as USB so I didn't 
have to worry about this.

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