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[filmscanners] Re: Scanning Software Quality

    You did not mention what computer platform you are using.  I have tried
VueScan with with Canon and Nikon LS-30 filmscanners (both USB) using a Mac
Beige G3(G4 processor).  I settled on a Nikon 4000 which is currently being
drive via FireWire from a dual G4.  No problems with any of the hardware or
software setups in terms of system crashes.
    The VueScan software is very capable, though a bit more "bare bones"
than NikonScan or SilverFast.  Also, the instructions are terse and
sometimes hard to decipher.  However, it has given me some very nice scans
which can be further adjusted in Photoshop if needed.
    Regarding your problems, it sounds like something is wrong with your
setup, hardware OR software.  Sometimes system files can get corrupted and
while they run most programs, they can cause problems.  Depending on your
system (Macintosh or Windows; I assume not Linux since your are running the
Polaroid software) the approach to checking your system software would

On 6/1/03 9:25 PM, "HMSDOC@aol.com" <HMSDOC@aol.com> wrote:

> I am using a Polaroid SS 4000+ and would like to get the most out of it as
> possible.  I have been using the Polacolor Insight software that comes with
> the
> scanner and am generally happy with it.  In an effort to see if better quality
> can be achieved I have tried Vuescan, however every time and version I
> download crashes my computer in various ways when I use my scanner on Firewire
> (seems OK on USB but the scans are much slower and it seems crazy to use the
> scanner on USB when Firewire is available...and I paid for it). So Vuescan was
> a
> bust.  I had briefly tried Silverfast, which came packaged with the scanner,
> but
> the documentation is very poor (at least the version I have) and at times it
> also seemed to crash my computer, though not as consistently as Vuescan.

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