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[filmscanners] RE: keeping the 16bit scans

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> From: filmscanners_owner@halftone.co.uk
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> Austin Franklin
> Sent: Friday, March 28, 2003 6:36 PM
> To: frankparis@comcast.net
> Subject: [filmscanners] RE: keeping the 16bit scans
> Hi Frank,
> > I've never seen a CD go bad,
> I have...I have a box of them, and I have Plextor writers.

I've had CD's "go bad" while I was writing them, if that's what you
mean. I don't think the writers are the problem. The CDs themselves are.

> > but you've got to expect
> > that hard disks will go bad in a couple years on average,
> if you keep
> > them spinning 24/7 like I do.

> You EXPECT that?

Yes, I plan on it. Then when they don't, I'm all the happier. But they
do sometimes go.

> I have not had a hard disk (Seagate
> Barracuda/Cheetah) go bad on me, and I have over 20 of them,
> and some of them are 7 or more years old.  The MTBF (Mean
> Time Between Failure) of them is something like 25 years if I
> remember correctly, if kept on for 24/7/365.  I'll check
> their web site and see...OK, Seagate Cheetah X15-36LP, which
> is an Ultra160 15k spindle speed drive...1,200,000 hours.
> OVER ONE MILLION HOURS!  That comes out to 50,000 days or
> 7,142.8 weeks or 137 years.  That's what they claim. I'm fine
> with 25 years my self ;-)

I'm not sure you're interpreting those specs correctly, and I also think
you're talking about SCSI drives, which indeed are built to last moreso
than IDE drives, although I really don't get the point of a drive
lasting 10 or more years when in ten years it would long be replaced
anyhow because of Moore's Law applied to disks.

> Now, I have seen the cheapo IDE drives go bad.  Well, you get
> what you pay for.

Yeah, and they're so cheap, who cares if they go bad in a couple years?
I want to update my drives every two years anyhow because of the rapid
increase in capacity.

>  I have stuck with Seagate
> Barracuda/Cheetah drives since they were introduced, and
> never had a problem that wasn't Microsoft "bad OS behavior" related.

Yeah, I have some 2 gig Seagates lying around that will probably never
go bad. They're sitting in a pile somewhere and will never ever be used

> > If you shut your machine down when you're
> > not using it, they should last five years, even the new
> ones that are
> > only guaranteed for a year.
> I'd expect high end drives to last 10+ years 24/7/365,

Wonderful. Keep your expensive high end drives for 10 years. Meanwhile
everyone else will be using el cheapo drives with 1,000 times more

Frank Paris

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