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[filmscanners] Re: JPEG2000 - availability

It is quite frustrating trying to discover how to obtain jpeg2000
capability without spending unnecessary money.  It seems the Fnordware
plugin (the only free one that I know of) is unnecessarily slow.  I just
downloaded the Irfanview plugin to discover that it uses LuraWave and if I
want to save images over 640x480 I have to pay Lurawave for the right.  But
Lura also sell (for a reasonable flat fee) to developers the rights to
unlimited users of their resulting products, so obviously all larger
software companies will eventually provide jpeg2000 in their products for
nothing (to the user).  Question is when?  And if I buy Lura's
implementation for Photoshop, will it also be usable (or is the licence
applicable to) my ACDSee and Irfanview?

Part of the answer is that it is already available in some probably not
guessed places ... read this ....

>Adobe: "Photoshop Elements"
>Something many Adobe fans didn't know until now: Adobe's widespread image
>processing software, Photoshop Elements, a more streamlined variant of the
>professional standard Photoshop, supports JPEG2000 files in its updated
>version. The brand new feature is not yet regularly available with the
>installation CD right now, but it can already be upgraded without charge.
>Users can easily download the corresponding plug-in under File > Online
>Services after they start the program.
>"CorelDRAW Graphics Suite"
>Users of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, beginning with version 11, are able to
>process and store files in the JPEG2000 standard. As reported, Corel had
>licensed LuraWave.jp2 worldwide last September.

So when will lura's implementation be available in ordinary
Photoshop?  Since it is just a plug-in and downloadable, is it already
available?  Normally I'd just pay the money and get on with it, but I don't
want to pay even US$17.20 for Lura's j2k photoshop implementation if it is
going to be made available for nothing, given my current impoverished state.

I am just realising as I research this that JPEG2000 seems to be at the
cusp of blossoming right now, and things are changing pretty fast.  I have
emailed both Lura and Adobe about this and will pass on anything
interesting I hear.

In the meantime, Fnordware have also released a PNG plugin for PS that
handles lossless 16-bit files ...

from http://www.creativepro.com/story/news/18625.html
>"SuperPNG" is a replacement for the PNG plug-in shipped in programs like
>Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. PNG is an open source file format
>supported on every platform which features tight lossless image
>compression. SuperPNG writes standard PNG files with greater speed and
>smaller size than Adobe's stock plug-ins. It also supports
>16-bits-per-channel color, stores information such as file gamma
>correctly, and allows the user to choose between higher compression rates
>and shorter compression times.
>Both plug-ins have been available on the Mac for several months but are
>just now being released for Windows.
>About Fnord
>Fnord Software is a one-man shop developing software for personal use and
>then public consumption. Image file formats and special effects filters
>are the current specialty. Contract programming work is also being
>accepted, particularly to help companies implement JPEG 2000.


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