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[filmscanners] Re: How does Minolta Scan Dual 2 compare with NikonLS-30?

The Minolta Dual Scan II uses a six frame film carrier, and a four frame
slide carrier.  The slide carrier is a bit of a kludge, in my opinion.

Regarding dICE, I own the Minolta Scanner in question, and I would say
it would be very nice if it did have dICE.  Although it isn't quite as
bad as the Nikon for picking up surface defects, it does pick a lot up.
  In fact, the NEW Minolta Scan III, just released, uses some sort of
software dust remover.

I don't know what the Minolta Dual Scan III is selling for.  It has USB
2.0 (which may help the rather slow Minolta Scan II, although I find it
is mainly slow mechanically, and the way it does its scanning sequence)
The Scan III also uses a 16 bit A/d converter rather than a 12 bit.
This is the same bit depth that the Elite II offers.  They have made no
changes in the 2820 dpi resolution.

The Minolta Scan Dual II is selling NEW for about $260 US now, due to
the release of the new version.

which scanner is better really depends on your budget, and if you are
scanning black and white film (true B&W, versus C-41 processed B&W).

That would lean me toward the Minolta.  If you are scanning at color
films, I would lean toward the Nikon.  Buying a used film scanner is a
bit dangerous, as they have a lot of mechanical features, and it may
also take you a while to figure out if any problem is the scanner or
your use of it.  Unless it is a very good deal, and or you get a good
warranty, you might be safer buying new.  At the current Minolta Scan II
pricing, that's a pretty good deal.


Major A wrote:

>>Further to my earlier post about the Nikon, I have also seen a Minolta
>>scan dual 2 being sold secondhand, how does this compare? As I am in the
>>UK our prices are somewhat more expensive, so what should I expect to
>>pay for this Minolta. I understand that it has no Digital Ice, but does
>>this make a lot of difference?
> I would definitely go for the Nikon, even if it's just for UNIX driver
> support (Minolta hasn't released any specs, so there is no
> driver). Also, if I remember correctly, the Minolta has no automatic
> film strip feeder, which is a feature to die for unless you have
> mounted slides to scan exclusively.
> The lack of ICE is not a big deal since the Minolta uses a Xenon lamp
> whereas all Nikons have highly collimated LED sources. Only the latter
> really requires ICE because it exaggerates defects like dust. ICE
> doesn't work on B&W and Kodachrome anyway.
>   Andras
> ===========================================================================
> Major Andras
>     e-mail: andras@users.sourceforge.net
>     www:    http://andras.webhop.org/
> ===========================================================================

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