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[filmscanners] Re: scanning times


My LS4000 scanner (with CM off, ICE on normal, 14 bit, 1x) took 1 min 10
secs to scan and save the raw file. To scan that raw file in Vuescan
(7.5.36) and output a tif file in 48 bit, color-corrected, took 32 secs.

I had not realised that there would be such a difference with the computer.
I have just built a Pentium 4 2.0a MHz, with 1GB memory, and 2 x 130 ATA
Maxtor striped disks with a MSI 845 UltraARU motherboard, which was very
fast 6 months ago, and now is not-so-fast!!

Bob Frost.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Tomek Zakrzewski" <t.zakrzewski@ka.onet.pl>
> Bob,
> I've been using your method of combining NikonScan and VuesScan to achieve
> well ICEed and color balanced scans with my LS-4000ED with succes. Thank
> for this advice.
> But what bothers me is the slowliness of my system (PII 400). Especially
> scanning and saving with VueScan takes too much time.
> Before I decide to buy new PC components (I think about Athlon XP 1600+
> 5120MB DDR RAM) I'd like to ask you to give me the processing times you're
> achieving with your PC coniguration.
> I'm interested in how much time it takes to scan a Raw file with Nikon
> (ICE Normal on but Color Management switched off, 14bit color).
> I'd also like to know how much time it takes to scan a file in VueScan
> recent version).
> We're talking about 130MB files, scanned from disk, saved as tiff with or
> without LZW compression (please state if you use it).
> >From hitting "scan" to fully saving, how long does it take?

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