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[filmscanners] Re: Nikon software on XP


I've been using NikonScan 3.1.2 with my LS4000 and XP Pro without any
trouble. However, I don't like the color management results of NikonScan as
much as Vuescan. So what I do now is to scan my slides with NikonScan as a
standalone program with color management switched off and the gamma set to
1.0  and save this raw scan (use gamma 1.0 for highbit scans, or 2.2 for
lowbit scans - this is what Vuescan would use and therefore expect in the
rawscan). Then use Vuescan to process this Nikon rawscan on disk.

The beauty of Vuescan is that you can color-process the raw scan in so many
different ways and output to more working spaces than with NikonScan. I
routinely process the raw scan (from the Nikon) in six ways - Image setting
using whitebalance, neutral, or none, and Slide setting using whitebalance,
neutral, or none, and output to EktaSpace. This only takes a few minutes,
and I then open all six files in PS7 and, lo and behold, one of the six is
usually just right. This saves a lot of time correcting color in PS, and
gives better results than I could probably achieve.

This workflow also allows you to use ICE in NikonScan, which gives me better
results than Vuescan's implementation of scratch and dust reduction.

Bob Frost.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Alex Zabrovsky" <alexz@zoran.co.il>

I intend to install and use NikonScan 3.1.2 in Win XP Pro environment.
I would be glad to hear any experienced you have with their software (mostly
run through PS7 as
TWAIN appl). How stable it is ? Any issues you encountered related to XP -
NS 3.1.2 cooperation ?

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