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[filmscanners] Re: appropriateness of " Density vs Dynamicrange"thread (pro)

Don - I agree it could be tiresome to have your Scanners mailbox full of
things you are not interested in - which is how I would find this current
dynamic range thread if I wasn't participating - in some frustration.  I
too use Eudora and Stan's is maybe the best solution if it really upsets you.

But in the normal course of things, you have to click on an email to read
it anyway, surely the simplest solution is simply not to click on the ones
with "density vs dynamic range" in the header?  There are always LOTS of
messages I don't read, simply because the subject doesn't interest me.  It
is no extra work NOT to click, and it means the messages are always there
if for some reason you should suddenly or later become interested.  You can
also monitor, by casting your eye over the headers, how the discussion is
going.  And if a header appeared "filmscanners] RE: Density vs Dynamic
range - I GIVE UP!"  you would of course read it with great interest.

The only possible downside I see to ignoring unwanted messages is the disc
space required to store these messages and this, in modern terms, is
insignificant.  I still have every email from every list that I have ever
received stored away here, and the space and speed effect is
negligible.  Oh yes, also the download time and MB, but I think this is
pretty insignificant these days as well, and I am only on 31k bps.


>I also use Eudora Pro (which, by the way, seems to have become more
>unstable with later releases; it often crashes or loses menu items). When
>you create a filter to dump emails, you can specify that the subject
>"contains" certain words. It doesn't have to exactly match the entire
>subject of the incoming email.

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