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[filmscanners] Re: appropriateness of " Density vs Dynamic range"thread (pro)

It's not that simple. I use Eudora Pro which is one of the best readers
there is. The subject line changes constantly but the originator's address
doesn't, presuming they don't switch email addresses during the thread. All
you have to do is change or add/delete one word to make it a new thread. So
I have had to start dumping messages based on the originator's address. In
one sense it too bad because the people I'm dumping appear to people I'd
normally like to read. But it is the only tool I have to get past a
theoretical debate about as useful as the Nikon-Canon religious debates. I
am an Engineer too but the back and forth with nauseatingly repetitious
arguments is too much to bear. I could leave the group but I think there
are other threads that I would very much like to follow. I even enjoyed the
first few (dozen) posts of this thread.

I would agree wholeheartedly to a special SIG being created for those who
wish to continue this increasingly esoteric discussion.


>Most email browsers can be set to dump e mail with a particular subject line
>directly to your trash without you ever seeing it, if you wish.
>Does the listmaster wish to consider the creation of a
>'filmscanners-technical' group?  That is what the stereophotography list
>did, so people had a place to discuss rigorous considerations of technical
>issues without boring or frustrating others.
>Personally, I am happy with this one.
>----- Original Message -----
>>From: <peter@softwell.co.uk>
>>[...]Subject: [filmscanners] Re: Density vs Dynamic range
>>> [...]This
>>> isn't like a Usenet group where I can easily ignore a thread. Instead my
>>> Inbox is continually bombarded. Can we not take this offline, please?
>>[...] You may not want to read this, but I feel it is a very
>>important thread containing a great deal of good information [...]and far
>more relevant to filmscanners than some of the
>>threads we've had in the past.
>>My e-mail client allows me to ignore threads, I just wish some people
>>would crop a bit more.
>Peter, Nr Clonakilty, Co Cork, Ireland
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