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[filmscanners] Re: My Public Apology

>Oh, and here I was thinking you added that jet streak... ;-)
>This isn't a contest or a test, so there is no "cheating".  It is a
>matter of personal esthetic, this image is not journalism, IMHO, it's a
>scenic.  I've been known to clone out garbage on the street to...
>I have no guilt over this whatsoever.

I'm with you on this, Art. I was going to add my two cents earlier but then
thought I shouldn't as it's none of my business. But since you've mentioned
it. I regularly clone out valid material in an image when, say, I think it
might be _interpreted_ as a defect of some sort. And why not? As you've
noted, this isn't serious journalism where the fate of a nation might hinge
on our accurate presentation of one of these scenes. It's for fun and for
"art" and the bottom line's always the image itself.

As for those Newtonian rings, I'd have simply cloned the one next to the
Eiffel Tower out--wouldn't have taken two seconds. The jet trail's a tossup
from where I stand. In a way it doesn't add anything, doesn't even look all
that much like a jet trail. Another two seconds to rid ourselves of that.
And as long as we're at it, why not just pore over the sky for a few
minutes and pick up any other oddities and inconsistencies we find. most of
which won't be visible at normal viewing size, but these things bother me
when I'm editing at high resolution and have the image huge RAW TIFF to
work with, which might well be 5x or more the size of the final reduced
image I'll offer for public view. At that resolution there are lots of
defects and they're not hard to see at all and anal as I am they tend to
drive me nuts . . . so off with their heads!

I can't see any rings over the building to the right of the tower. There
are large blemishes about, but I took these to be JPEG artifacting in lieu
of any more information to go on. Even the simple one-time change from a
TIFF format to JPEG adds lots of that stuff. I wish we could ditch JPEG
forever. It's a bad joke with re to absolute quality. But then that gets us
right back to the systems other people use, and on those the higher quality
available with the TIFF format might well be (for many undoubtedly is)
moot. So there you go. Everyone gets to rent VHS whether it pleases them or

I like both of the pictures Anthony has shown us. I find their composition
to be solid and the rendering looks professional, as far as these things
go. But then I'm into that "art" I mentioned, just good pictures. Both of
these want to tell stories in their own ways, and I like that.


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