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[filmscanners] Re: My Public Apology

Anthony Atkielski wrote:

> Arthur writes:
>>I did notice a hunk of dust or dirt up
>>above somewhere as well...
> Where?  Near the interference?

No, as I said it is unlikely the dust would have a direct relationship
to the Newton rings, in fact, more likely the opposite.

The dust, or defect is above the jet streak at the very top of the
image.  It is a gray smudge, which seems to be dust or a defect in the

>>Personally, I'd probably have removed the jet
>>streak as well, but I'm not a purist.
> The jet streak was actually in the original scene; removing it would be
> cheating.

Oh, and here I was thinking you added that jet streak... ;-)

This isn't a contest or a test, so there is no "cheating".  It is a
matter of personal esthetic, this image is not journalism, IMHO, it's a
scenic.  I've been known to clone out garbage on the street to...
I have no guilt over this whatsoever.

>>The things I would try to do to reduce
>>Newton rings with anti-newton glass is to
>>try to avoid excess pressure of the glass
>>against the film ...
> There doesn't seem to be any adjustment of pressure in the Nikon holder.
> You just snap it shut.

Well, you may still be able to reduce the pressure on the film by
placing a thin border material around the edges, as an example.  It may
provide enough flattening so the DOF situation is handled, but not
caused the film to come in direct contact with the glass.

>>I'd be less concerned about dust and dirt
>>since you have dICE with your scanner.
> dICE removes the dust itself, but it doesn't fix the interference lines,
> unfortunately.

Yes, I am aware of that.  I was suggesting that your "hurricane blasts
of wind" might cause dampness if the air wasn't dry, or even due to
venturi effect, it might have cooled down the air enough to deposit
condensation on the film/glass from household air. I was suggesting that
since the dust can be handled via dICE, that it might be detrimental to
over clean the film with air, because it may make it more apt to show
Newton rings.


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