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[filmscanners] 'sRe: Re: Tiresome Arguments Ad Infinitum

I also lurk on several lists, and I must confess that I enjoy the arguments
over the more esoteric subjects. What really gets up my nose are the
postings as to 'how to turn my scanner on', or 'what is a profile', or 'what
is the difference between an Epson 1200 and a 2450'.

Ok, we were all newbies once, but I at least had the wit to read the
instruction manuals that came with my 'goodies', went to their websites,
read their FAQ's, bought a book or two, and gave myself a reasonable
background before daring to to ask questions that didn't seem clearly
answered in any of these sources.

So, there has to come a point when the participants in a lengthy
discussion/argument realise that there is little to be gained by pursuing it
any further, but the rest of us who have persevered with the postings will
surely have learnt something from them, and might even contribute. I know
that I have.

People say it's tiresome to keep using the delete key. I delete most of the
emails I receive, so the only difference is the amount of attention I give
the posting before I press the delete button. If it's about Minolta or
Polaroid xxx scanners (as most seem to have been recently), I press the
delete button immediately (I have a Nikon which I don't anticipate changing
before I swap permanently to digital). And I have saved some of the
density/dynamic range postings since they have content that might be useful
in future.

Bob Frost.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Todd Flashner" <tflash@earthlink.net>

I mostly lurk on this list, but I've read many of these ad nauseum threads
here and elsewhere to know what you speak of, and I disagree.

Why so many lists want to rehash the same old newbie questions over and over
I'll never understand. On this list the repetitive mundane might be about
dust, or which med format scanner is best. On the printer lists it's about
clog busting. As if we need any more posts on clogs! Talk about mind numbing
and repetitive task tiresome on the delete key!!!

Just when did esoterica become so vulgar in this society? Are we only "sound
bite" able now? If something can't be agreed upon quickly it's wasted time?
Is AGREEMENT better than truth, understanding, and knowledge? Is pleasantry
more important than substance? Questions, questions, so many questions...

On another list, in a thread similar to this one, (fed up with the
esoterica), the complainer facetiously suggested someone start a list called
"The Noise", where all these less-than-everyday-useful discussions can air
freely, (and I would add, without the well intentioned but curmudgeonly
hatchet of impatience coming down upon it). Unfortunately I'm self
admittedly too slothful and unambitious to start it, promote it, and monitor
it, but I say it is an idea who's time has come! If nothing else, it'd
provide a place to go when people request a discussion be taken elsewhere.

If any of you argumentative types are interested in pursuing intelligent and
passionate conversations about the some of the less common and "relevant"
aspects of imaging, I say go for it! and sign me up.

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