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[filmscanners] Re: Tiresome Arguments Ad Infinitum

I mostly lurk on this list, but I've read many of these ad nauseum threads
here and elsewhere to know what you speak of, and I disagree.

Why so many lists want to rehash the same old newbie questions over and over
I'll never understand. On this list the repetitive mundane might be about
dust, or which med format scanner is best. On the printer lists it's about
clog busting. As if we need any more posts on clogs! Talk about mind numbing
and repetitive task tiresome on the delete key!!!

Just when did esoterica become so vulgar in this society? Are we only "sound
bite" able now? If something can't be agreed upon quickly it's wasted time?
Is AGREEMENT better than truth, understanding, and knowledge? Is pleasantry
more important than substance? Questions, questions, so many questions...

On another list, in a thread similar to this one, (fed up with the
esoterica), the complainer facetiously suggested someone start a list called
"The Noise", where all these less-than-everyday-useful discussions can air
freely, (and I would add, without the well intentioned but curmudgeonly
hatchet of impatience coming down upon it). Unfortunately I'm self
admittedly too slothful and unambitious to start it, promote it, and monitor
it, but I say it is an idea who's time has come! If nothing else, it'd
provide a place to go when people request a discussion be taken elsewhere.

If any of you argumentative types are interested in pursuing intelligent and
passionate conversations about the some of the less common and "relevant"
aspects of imaging, I say go for it! and sign me up.

Todd Flashner

> It's amazing -- and sad -- just how often a few of  those on this list seem
> driven to engage in hair-splitting arguments about anything not seen quite
> their way by another. I've no idea of their chronological ages, but the level
> of their "debate" is way up there at about what you'd expect from seventh
> graders.

> I've learned a good bit from this list, and am grateful for that. But the
> tone of the discourse is  w-a-a-a-a-y  too often just petty bickering by a
> few who take themselves much too seriously. True, my delete key still works,
> but it's no longer worth it to me to plow through dozens of rants and
> personal attacks to uncover the occasional gem. None of this has been
> directed at me, so I don't take it personally; I'm just fed up with it.
> I'm curious enough about whether others are growing weary too, that I'll
> delay my unsubscribe request a day to see what response this might get.
> Frank Peele
> Pacific Photographic
> Redlands, CA USA
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