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[filmscanners] Re: Tiresome Arguments Ad Infinitum

There's all of what you say, Frank, but the alternative (censorship) is,
I'm afraid, less attractive still. Choice is ours.


>It's amazing -- and sad -- just how often a few of  those on this list seem
>driven to engage in hair-splitting arguments about anything not seen quite
>their way by another. I've no idea of their chronological ages, but the level
>of their "debate" is way up there at about what you'd expect from seventh
>I've learned a good bit from this list, and am grateful for that. But the
>tone of the discourse is  w-a-a-a-a-y  too often just petty bickering by a
>few who take themselves much too seriously. True, my delete key still works,
>but it's no longer worth it to me to plow through dozens of rants and
>personal attacks to uncover the occasional gem. None of this has been
>directed at me, so I don't take it personally; I'm just fed up with it.
>I'm curious enough about whether others are growing weary too, that I'll
>delay my unsubscribe request a day to see what response this might get.
>Frank Peele
>Pacific Photographic
>Redlands, CA USA

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