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[filmscanners] Re: Difficult scan problem

Yes, a color meter is a great tool and would have simplified life.  At
the time, (about 15 years ago) I wasn't in the market for one, and
preferred tinkering with lighting options.

Although I didn't know it at the time, I've been looking over my older
experimental rolls, and am pleased to report that most of the images I
shot during that period are completely correctable digitally, so the
majority of the images weren't lost after all.


Moreno Polloni wrote:

>>>Getting back to fluorescent lighting as a photographic lighting source
> for a second, I do the majority of my still life work with fluorescent
> lighting.  I have never liked working with electronic flash.  I really
> enjoy having the constant well-diffused lighting source that allows me
> to make all sort of subtle adjustments, using reflective bounce
> lighting, and even coloring the light via gels and bouncing off colored
> cards.  The results I get with this method eliminates almost all the
> guess work.  BUT, it took me a long time to find the correct lighting
> tubes and filtration to get full spectrum balanced daylight, and I can't
> work much bigger than compositions more than about 2 foot by 3 foot.  I
> have purchased dozens of different "full spectrum" bulbs over the years
> and mixed them in fixtures to get the light balance I was after, and I
> still have to use filters on the camera lens.  I knew I got it "right"
> when I was able to shoot Kodachrome and get daylight results.  It took
> about 30-40 rolls to get there.  I now use Fujichrome films, which are
> more forgiving.  I still use gray cards and I still bracket every shot,
> but I'm very pleased with the results I get now. <<
> Next time around you might want to consider borrowing/renting a Minolta
> colour meter. You can dial in the correct filtration in a matter of minutes.

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