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[filmscanners] Re: Difficult scan problem

>> Getting back to fluorescent lighting as a photographic lighting source
for a second, I do the majority of my still life work with fluorescent
lighting.  I have never liked working with electronic flash.  I really
enjoy having the constant well-diffused lighting source that allows me
to make all sort of subtle adjustments, using reflective bounce
lighting, and even coloring the light via gels and bouncing off colored
cards.  The results I get with this method eliminates almost all the
guess work.  BUT, it took me a long time to find the correct lighting
tubes and filtration to get full spectrum balanced daylight, and I can't
work much bigger than compositions more than about 2 foot by 3 foot.  I
have purchased dozens of different "full spectrum" bulbs over the years
and mixed them in fixtures to get the light balance I was after, and I
still have to use filters on the camera lens.  I knew I got it "right"
when I was able to shoot Kodachrome and get daylight results.  It took
about 30-40 rolls to get there.  I now use Fujichrome films, which are
more forgiving.  I still use gray cards and I still bracket every shot,
but I'm very pleased with the results I get now. <<

Next time around you might want to consider borrowing/renting a Minolta
colour meter. You can dial in the correct filtration in a matter of minutes.

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