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[filmscanners] Re: Colormatching with Canon S820/S900

John Pendley wrote:
> Hello Thomas,
> I am, in the parlance of the day, technically challenged.  What do you
> think the chances are that I could master Vuescan?

I think that everybody can. This is a system made by one person, so the
interface is a bit simpler, "down to the basics" but the essential
issue here is that this is a
  put the film
  adjust the brightness (or rather gamma factor, this is what it is)
  select color balance scheme
  preview. Happy?
  press scan.
kind of system. The colors and the exposure seem to match the original
in a very high percentage of cases. Some colleagues recommend also to
adjust the black and white points, but I keep them strict on 0%.

There is more to it if you wish, such as exposure locking, very
important if you would like to make panorama composites.

Since I do slides and do not have any real color measuring equipment,
I always make the "analog projection" analogy: I have a projector
considered to deliver a correct color balance. My primary lens is the
Zeiss Talon MC 90mm. I simply verify if the result on the projection
screen and on the PC screen resemble each other. With Vuescan they
do almost always.

The ability to deliver this basic property is in my opinion the
go-nogo criterion in a choice of the scanning software. Somehow the
software makers in the Photo companies lack the understanding of the
digital color processing and they fail to model the human perception...

Ed managed this in Vuescan like noone else. Many people still keep
hoping that these Canon's Nikon's and Minolta's would finally knock
on Ed's door and make him rich and us happy.


> Best,
> John
> At 10:33 PM 02/25/2002 -0800, you wrote:
> >bobkehl@kvernkehl.com wrote:
> > >
> > > With the help of the filmscanners group I've spent about 200 man-hours
> > > tweaking the color management profile in my Epson 2000P last year.  Much
> > > thanks to all for your direction and encouragement in that seemingly
> > endless
> > > trial.!   No, seriously.  If it wasn't for input from this grouip I
> > wouldn't
> > > have known what to tweak.  I can now scan and print images that very
> > closely
> > > match my calibrated monitor.  Now that I am a experienced in tweaking for
> > > color amnagement, I've learned that I'd rather not do it again.  As was
> > > stated on this list at that time, "Epson's colour management driver
> > seems to
> > > be broke".
> >
> >I could just use your text for my own experience report while replacing
> >the word "Epson" with "Nikon". The soultion to the "color dilemma" is
> >Vuescan. Try it, the "color tweak" will terminate.
> >
> >Thomnas.
> >
> > >
> > > I'm considering upgrading to a Canon S9000 or the like.  Does anyone have
> > > any experience with Canon's new printers?  Is Canon's color management any
> > > better than Epson?  Can I buy a new S820, S900 or S9000 and just plug them
> > > in load the factory supplied color profile and have it match?
> > >
> > > Any comments appreciated.
> > >
> > > Bob Kehl
> > >
> >
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