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[filmscanners] Re: Colormatching with Canon S820/S900

Hello Thomas,

I am, in the parlance of the day, technically challenged.  What do you
think the chances are that I could master Vuescan?


At 10:33 PM 02/25/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>bobkehl@kvernkehl.com wrote:
> >
> > With the help of the filmscanners group I've spent about 200 man-hours
> > tweaking the color management profile in my Epson 2000P last year.  Much
> > thanks to all for your direction and encouragement in that seemingly
> endless
> > trial.!   No, seriously.  If it wasn't for input from this grouip I
> wouldn't
> > have known what to tweak.  I can now scan and print images that very
> closely
> > match my calibrated monitor.  Now that I am a experienced in tweaking for
> > color amnagement, I've learned that I'd rather not do it again.  As was
> > stated on this list at that time, "Epson's colour management driver
> seems to
> > be broke".
>I could just use your text for my own experience report while replacing
>the word "Epson" with "Nikon". The soultion to the "color dilemma" is
>Vuescan. Try it, the "color tweak" will terminate.
> >
> > I'm considering upgrading to a Canon S9000 or the like.  Does anyone have
> > any experience with Canon's new printers?  Is Canon's color management any
> > better than Epson?  Can I buy a new S820, S900 or S9000 and just plug them
> > in load the factory supplied color profile and have it match?
> >
> > Any comments appreciated.
> >
> > Bob Kehl
> >
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