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filmscanners: Superia, CM et al

Hi folks - 

I have two questions.  One is I'm having a very hard time scanning
Superia 400, and there's no setting for it in Vuescan. Colors are
coming out all wrong even on the scan, and it's very hard to even know
where to start fixing. What Vuescan settings can I tweak? 

in some cases I've done quite a lot of work in PSP7 or PElements and
gotten things pretty good looking, and then when I print it  . . . oy
vey.   I have one of these new Epson 820s - is anything established
yet about how good they are at color reproduction?  

Which leads me to my next question - what is the next step in getting
into CM?  I understand there are some programs for it?  So far all
I've done is the gamma calibration offered by Photoshop Elements, but
I think this is pretty rudimentary.  I realize I probably need to
learn a lot more about "colorspaces" that I'm working in, but for now
I'm trying to do everything in sRGB.  

What are my next steps towards getting really good control over my
camera to print workflow?    

Ken Durling

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