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filmscanners: OT: Monitor Purchase

I'm thinking of buying a 19" monitor to go along with an aging 17" Panasonic
in a 2 monitor setup. The Panasonic would be demoted to the #2 pallette
display for Pshop. I've read recently on West Coast Imaging's website that
Aperture Grille displays have been the preferred choice for imaging. I
understand that Shadow Mask monitors are better for text. WCI mentions
problems with cloning on SM monitors. What sort of problems?

My Panaflat is a shadow mask monitor, but has developed an intermittent
glitch. I don't particularly like AG wire lines on the screen (had that on
an old NEC 4FG). Also, because of the chance of getting a lemon, I would
like to buy locally (means CompUSA). The choice of AG monitors there is
limited. I think the only one is the Viewsonic PF790. They have an Envisions
SM monitor with really good specs for $250 through tommorrow. (Of course, I
want to see it first.)

My experience with monitors in general (and I've bought in the $600-800
range previously) is that they die in 3-4 years anyway, which discourages me
from paying a premium.

How much of a difference is there between AG and SM monitors for Photoshop
work? This new one will be specifically for Photoshop. I don't want to cut
corners that I'll miss, but I don't want to blow money either.

Any comments on the Viewsonic PF790? If I have to mail-order, I'm leaning
toward getting the Lacie Electron Blue III 19". I understand Lacie is
offering free shipping for $399. My thinking is that, since their market is
imaging professionals, they will have better QC and a friendlier exchange
policy should I get a clunker.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated...

Lloyd O'Daniel


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