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filmscanners: Monitor Purchase/ Sony F520

I have the F520 too. Running it for 6 months, no problems, and it seems
pretty good, but then I have nothing to compare it to.
Incidentally its far cheaper in the UK than the US. (by many hundreds of
No idea why, a rare reversal of the usual order.

does everyone expand their monitor to the screen edges once a basic
resolution has been set? or leave it alone?


Sony is the best and in some aspects are better than Barco. Unfortunately
the GDM-F500R is a disaster and Sony replaced it with the GDM-F520 quickly,
nothing beats this one for now (Barco is better in several aspects).

Sony will have 0.15mm dot pitch CRT display soon FYI.

JM Shen

> Monitor 1 was a Sony GDM-F500R for $1,800.  This was supposedly one
> of the best monitors on the market (once you rule out Barco).  It
> arrived out of convergence, fuzzy, and I couldn't remove the color
> cast.
> In summary, the Sony's doing fine but I'm angry that it cost more and
> is fuzzy enough that I notice it.  The Mitsubishi is sharp as a tack,
> a joy to use, and I'd buy another in a minute if I needed one.


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