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filmscanners: Re: filmscanners: Color Negative Film Poll

John wrote:
>interference might not exist. But that still leaves the
>problem of some people reporting grain aliasing problems
>with these scanners and others not. Anyone not have the
>problem with a 4000 dpi scanner?

Tony Sleep said in the past that he had far ferwer problems with the SS4000
and aliasing.  There seems to be an unfortunate critical point at around
2700dpi which goes away at 4000dpi.  Grain will look sharper or more intense
on Nikon scanners because of the collimated light, so there will be less
apparent grain on other 2700dpi scanners with fluorescent light sources
such as the FS2710.

For instance, I've found the grain in Fuji 800 print film horrid, but Tony
said it was fine.  On the other hand Tony was overexposing the 800 while
I was (of necessity) underexposing it.  I haven't tried Fuji 800 overexposed
to look at the difference in apparent grain.


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