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RE: filmscanners: ADMIN: Play nice, or else.


>> Frankly I have had such a lot of trouble with this list 
>> lately, with admin taking up so much time I seldom have 
>> time to read up to date, let alone participate. 250 bounce
>> mails today, and that after I spent >1hr weeding dead 
>> addresses; complaints from list members about 
>> conduct of some participants; inquiries about getting on 
>> or off the list, and so on. Furthermore the hosting renewal 
>> is so expensive that I am beginning to 
>> wonder why I don't just close it. 

Alternatively, you could move the list to a yahoogroups list. I'm on
several lists which use this service (and I moderate two), and it's very
simple and convenient. Bounces are managed automatically, and members
can manage their subscriptions easily and efficiently. There's also a
shared files are which can host up to 20Mb of files, making a useful
place to exchange example images (rather than post them to the list as

It'll cost you nothing to host, either. Sure, some ads are placed at the
bottom of the posts that are sent, but there are various utilities in
mail clients which can strip these out. 

I'd seriously consider it, as it could improve the list experience for
everyone here, not least of all you as the Admin!



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