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Re: filmscanners: ADMIN: Play nice, or else.


I appreciate your effort in maintaining the list, and would hate to see it
go away. It seems to me, however, that how best to store images generated
from filmscanners fully satisfies the "issues arising from the use of"
clause in the charter, and is therefore not off topic. I agree that the
thread degenerated into less practically useful info than I had hoped to
glean from it.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Tony Sleep" <TonySleep@halftone.co.uk>
To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2001 9:31 PM
Subject: filmscanners: ADMIN: Play nice, or else.

> On Thu, 15 Nov 2001 08:43:37 +1100  Kevin Power
> (kevinpower@optushome.com.au) wrote:
> >
> > I'm with you as it sure does get bitchy at times! If it happened on a
> > list
> > that I run, the offending member/s would get zapped along with their
> > messages.
> >
> > Kevin.
> Unortunately the remote admin of this list does not permit such easy
> interdiction. All I can do is remove people and keep them removed.
> It is quite clear from the list charter that this list exists for the
> purpose of discussing filmscanners. I understand that sometimes
> conversations veer off topic, but I expect contributors to exercise
> restraint and take OT threads off list if they cannot be kept brief.
> Good manners are mandatory. Argument about ideas is fine, personal attacks
> are not.
> If anyone feels they cannot stick to the rules, they have two choices :
> leave, or be removed.
> Frankly I have had such a lot of trouble with this list lately, with admin
> taking up so much time I seldom have time to read up to date,
> let alone participate. 250 bounce mails today, and that after I spent >1hr
> weeding dead addresses; complaints from list members about conduct of some
> participants; inquiries about getting on or off the list, and so on.
> Furthermore the hosting renewal is so expensive that I am beginning to
> wonder why I don't just close it.
> I would rather not, because it is genuinely useful to a lot of people, but
> I would ask everyone to think carefully about whether what they are about
> to post is (a)a genuine question or (b)helpful, polite, relevant and of
> interest to a filmscanner community of ~1,500 people. IF NOT, DON'T.
> Here is the introductory text everyone gets when they subscribe. Please
> read it :-
> =======================================================================
> Welcome to the filmscanners mailing list. Please read the following. If
> you have subscribed to this list previously, please note that some
> commands and addresses have changed since October 2000.
> By participating in the filmscanners list you agree to these terms,
> and you should save a copy of this message for future reference.
> This document is also available at www.halftone.co.uk and you may
> also subscribe or unsubscribe from there.
> You can instead subscribe to a Digest sent each day,
> or, during busy periods, more often. The Digest contains all
> messages posted to the list on that day, as a single email.
> Many people prefer this to 'real time' receipt of many separate
> post you will need to subscribe to the list proper. Please do not mail me
> and complain about this, this aspect of configuration is outside my
> control.
>   filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
> ADDRESS FOR COMMANDS eg 'help', 'subscribe' etc
>   majordomo@halftone.co.uk
> HUMAN ASSISTANCE (last resort please!)
>  filmscanners-owner@halftone.co.uk
> http://www.halftone.co.uk Tony Sleep Photography
> Please see the COMMANDS section below
> This list exists for the purpose of:
>  - discussing purchasing decisions
>  - discussing issues arising from the use of filmscanners
>  - discussing reviews and other material available on WWW
>  - disseminating news of new film scanners, drivers and
>    software
>  - notifying you of updates of http://www.halftone.co.uk,
>    the host of this list
> 1.  Posting in plain text is required; HTML or MicroSoft
> formatted email is not welcome as it adds to bandwidth and
> many mail clients cannot understand it and present an
> illegible mess. MS Outlook users should take special care to
> turn off the default HTML by selecting 'Send as plain text'.
> 2.  Posting encoded image binaries is permitted if they are
> relevant, but please keep file sizes below 80k. Use JPEG
> image encoding, and MIME attachment. Larger files will
> be bounced by Majordomo. However a better mechanism is
> to display the image on a web page and post the URL in an
> email. You may only post images which fulfil legal
> requirements regarding copyright.
> 3. Off topic messages. Whilst it is the nature of list discussions that
> ongoing conversations will sometimes veer Off Topic, I ask that members
> use restraint and good judgement. OT discussion quickly annoys list
> members; if you want to embark on a lengthy OT discussion which falls
> outside the List Charter (above), you must take it off list to private
> email.
> 4.  Anyone who abuses this list or list members, or posts
> irrelevant material, advertising, or 'spam' will be removed
> and barred without warning. Signatures advertising websites or
> contact details are permitted, but please keep them to a
> tolerable length. Debate, even heated debate, is encouraged,
> but keep it polite please. Gender, race, sexual
> orientation, religious or political evangelism are of no
> relevance to this list, and are a fast track to permanent
> exclusion without warning.
> 5.  Defamatory or otherwise actionable or illegal messages
> are explicitly prohibited, and authors are fully liable for
> ensuring their messages comply with this requirement.
> This list is unmoderated and distribution of email is automatic.
> The list-owner has no means of vetting material before
> distribution and therefore can accept no liability for content.
> 6.  Copyright of messages resides with the author of each
> message, but authors consent to their material being distributed
> for non-commercial purposes using the normal mechanisms of the
> list and email. Permission for reproduction in any other medium
> (eg book, magazine, website) must be sought from the original
> author. The list-owner accepts no liability for copyright
> violations.
> 7.  Whilst all mails and attachments are virus-scanned before
> onward distribution by the listserver, the listowner accepts
> no liability for damage or loss to your machine or data.
> You are advised to run your own virus-checking procedures
> and exercise caution when opening any attachment.
> 8.  Recipients whose mail cannot be successfuly delivered
> will be removed without notice. Take care to periodically
> empty your POP mailbox, as many ISP's set limits and bounce
> all incoming mail if exceeded.
> 9.  Recipients who deploy autoresponders to incoming list
> mail will be removed without notice. Hundreds of people
> do not want to know that you are out of the office!
> 10. The list of participants is confidential and must not
> be shared with, nor sold to any third party. Any attempt to
> obtain or use members addresses for the purpose of 'spam'
> (unsolicited commercial email) is expressly forbidden, and
> I will hunt you down like a dog and nail your head to the
> keyboard.
> 11. You are responsible for maintaining your mailbox so that
> you can accept delivery of messages. You should take care to
> ensure that you regularly delete read mail, as many ISP's
> impose mailbox storage limits. If your address becomes
> incapable of accepting delivery and begins returning bounce
> messages to the listmaster you will be removed from the
> list without warning or notification.
> The most common source of problems is a full mailbox. If
> mail from the list suddenly stops arriving, this is
> usually the reason and you will need to clear your
> mailbox before your ISP will accept further delivery.
> You will probably find you have been unsubscribed
> from the list meanwhile, and will need to resubscribe.
> If you use email forwarding or aliasing to receive the
> list at a non-subscribed address, please note that you
> will only be able to post to the list from the address
> you originally used to subscribe.
> Unsubscribe difficulties can usually be traced to this as well.
> You are strongly advised to ensure your subscribed address is
> the address you post from. Please see the COMMANDS section below.
> A further source of unsubscribe difficulties is that people attempt to
> subscribe from Filmscanners when they are in fact subscribed to
> Filmscanners-digest. As far as the listserver is concerned they are
> different lists with separate membership lists.
> Majordomo is the automated program which administers the
> list and digest, and it will accept a variety of commands
> from you. You may subscribe or unsubscribe at any time,
> either via the forms at www.halftone.co.uk, or using the
> commands detailed below.
> Case is unimportant, commands are presented as uppercase
> here solely for clarity.
> To join the LIST,
>   email majordomo@lists.cix.co.uk
>   with SUBSCRIBE FILMSCANNERS <ADDRESS> as the message body.
>   Majordomo ignores Subject lines. <ADDRESS> is optional
>   and may be used to specify an address which
>   is different from your sending address.
> To join the DIGEST,
>   email majordomo@lists.cix.co.uk
>   message body. Majordomo ignores Subject lines.  <ADDRESS>
>   is optional and may be used to specify an address which
>   is different from your sending address.
> To resign from the LIST,
>   email majordomo@lists.cix.co.uk
>   with UNSUBSCRIBE FILMSCANNERS <ADDRESS> as the message body.
>   Majordomo ignores Subject lines. <ADDRESS> is optional and
>   may be used to specify an address which is different from
>   your sending address.
> To resign from the DIGEST,
>   email majordomo@lists.cix.co.uk
>   body. Majordomo ignores Subject lines. <ADDRESS> is optional
>   and may be used to specify an address which is different from
>   your sending address.
> To resign from ALL LISTS at lists.cix.co.uk
>   email majordomo@lists.cix.co.uk
>   with SUBSCRIBE * <ADDRESS> as the message body. Majordomo
>   ignores Subject lines. <ADDRESS> is optional and may be used
>   to specify an address which is different from your sending
>   address.
> For information about other COMMANDS,
>   email majordomo@lists.cix.co.uk
>   with HELP as the message body. Majordomo ignores Subject
>   lines.
> To receive another copy of THIS TEXT
>   email majordomo@lists.cix.co.uk
>   with INTRO FILMSCANNERS as the message body. Majordomo
>   ignores Subject lines.
> Note that for reasons of privacy and to prevent spammers
> obtaining the participant list, 'WHICH' and 'WHO' commands are
> disabled.
> You may use multiple commands within a single message, but
> each must be on a new line, eg
>   UNSUBSCRIBE FILMSCANNERS myname@old.domain
>   SUBSCRIBE FILMSCANNERS myname@new.domain
>   HELP
> <END>
> <END> is optional, but Majordomo will process each command
> until either it reaches the end of the message or an END
> marker. If you use a signature, END is a good idea else
> Majordomo will flag your sig as bad commands.
> Tony Sleep 15 Nov 2001
> ===========================
> Regards
> Tony Sleep (list moderator)
> http://www.halftone.co.uk - Online portfolio & exhibit; + film scanner
> info & comparisons


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