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RE: filmscanners: VueScan 7.1.17 Available

>. I've played
>with all the Vuescan settings for HOURS and HOURS, but I just can't seem to
>get a nice, rich scan without dragging it in to Photoshop.  I've also had
>the same problems with over brightness, but have been able to work around
>that issue as you and some of the other posters have suggested.
>Any advice/explanations on what I might be doing wrong would be appreciated.

There is nearly always a problem - at least with negs - in...

a)  scanning to get the whole range (output looks very low contrast)

vs ...

b) getting good contrast (end up having to chop off highlights or shadows 
to achieve this).

Normal print processing invariably chops shadows and/or highlights to give 
a pleasing print.  Unless your neg is exceptionally low-contrast (evenly 
lit) image, you will have this problem in scanning.

If you choose small white point and black point settings you will get the 
full histogram range and a very 'flat' image. This happens no matter 
whether you use Vuescan or any other software, except that most 
manufacturer softwares use quite gross black point/white point settings to 
give a more pleasing contrast result.  Since Vuescan gives you full control 
over this, you can set low BP & WP settings, and this will give the flat 
result you speak of.

To demonstrate if this is in fact the problem, you could try setting a much 
higher black point, say 5% or more, and see if this helps. (based on your 
saying the image is light).  Or try both BP and WP to a much higher value.

If this gives you 'better' results then at least you now know the reason!



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