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filmscanners: New film scanner - buying suggestions?

Hi there,

I'm not sure if this list is particularly active, but I thought I'd
join/post my question anyway...

I'm currently looking to buy a 35mm negative/film scanner. My primary
requirements are:

1. To digitally aquire photos for use on the web
2. To store hi-res copies of my photographs on CD as a 'backup' of the
paper prints I have at home - in case the worst should happen and my
photos get damaged.

I don't need a mega-high quality scanner, but what I do want is one
which is fairly intelligent and can support simple batch scanning - I
take quite a lot of photos, and have loads of old ones I'd like to scan
(litterally hundreds) so ideally I'd like to be able to bung a pile of
negative strips into a 'hopper' and let the machine work away on them. I
don't know if this is possible, particularly without spending a fortune
(my budget is limited at around 300 pounds sterling, excluding VAT).

So far, it seems that the HP Photosmart S20 might be good (although it
doesn't seem to have particularly good batch facilities) and the Minolta
Dual Scan series looks quite good too - if a little pricey.

Can anyone give me any recommendations, or any ideas for other things to


Mark Otway


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