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RE: filmscanners: VueScan 7.1.17 Available

Yeah, I don't get this "tough" saturation issue in vuescan. I am a total
newbie, with several scanning and PhotoShop books are on the way. I just
bought a Canon FS4000 to digitize my shoebox and purchased Vuescan as the
canon plugin is totally worthless (at least for batch scanning). Although
for scanning one picture, it does a better job.

>From reading the posts here, I understand Silverfast may be a better choice,
but that point is moot, as they don't support the Canon FS4000. I've played
with all the Vuescan settings for HOURS and HOURS, but I just can't seem to
get a nice, rich scan without dragging it in to Photoshop.  I've also had
the same problems with over brightness, but have been able to work around
that issue as you and some of the other posters have suggested.

Any advice/explanations on what I might be doing wrong would be appreciated.


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No, no, that's way too basic an answer, all but the most novice of us know
how to use Gamma, but brightness had a more pronounced effect on shadows
than gamma does without the side effect of over brighting the top half of
the image range.  Also playing with Gamma + drops saturation which makes it
necessary to pull drastic curves in Photoshop, the brightness allowed a bit
of better finese.

So I often have white point at .001 and black point at .1 with maximum as my
crop, there is VERY little room at the top side of the data for it to get

Saturation is always tough in vuescan.


 >>  > What type of adjustment in gamma and the white point % do you suggest
 >>  for
 >>  > mimicing the effect of Brightness from Vuescan 7.1.16?

 >>  Adjust gamma downwards to decrease brightness, and upwards
 >>  to increase brightness.

 >>  Regards,
 >>  Ed Hamrick

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