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Re: OT: Motorola 70GHz CPU (was RE: filmscanners: That's some overclocking)

If I'm not mistaken, Nikon has been using GaAs if photo meters for some
time now...

(Or at least did...)


Jeff Moore wrote:
> 2001-09-05-15:38:34 Stan McQueen:
> > (It has been said that Gallium Arsenide--GaAs--is the semiconductor
> > material of the future, and it always will be.)
> Yep, I remember when the transition in camera meters from CdS to
> so-called "silicon blue cells" was getting well underway, pundits
> opined that we shouldn't get too attached to (or worry too much about)
> the characteristics of those silicon cells, 'cause they'd all be
> replaced by Gallium Arsenide Real Soon Now.  That was... a few years
> ago.


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