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Re: filmscanners: That's some overclocking

Austin Franklin wrote:
> > I believe I heard that Motorola just developed a CPU that runs at, not 7
> > gigahertz but SEVENTY gigahertz.
> Just think, you can browse the Internet and get your eMail (at 56k) with
> your 70GHz CPU...

Well, that's true for now, but it is a bit like saying "a new auto fuel
has been designed for cars that will allow for 1000 miles per gallon and
is non-polluting, but it requires a new engine design, so let's forget

I've read up a bit more about this discovery.  Motorola developed a
method of mixing silicon with GaAs, which never could be done
successfully before, by using an intermediate binder.  GaAs is very
expensive, but up to 35 faster than silicon, because it uses optical
transfer.  They developed a method of using very little GaAs yet getting 
the full speed benefit or pure GaAs. They say it will cut costs of using 
the pure GaAs to 1/10th.

The applications and possibilities are endless as to how this can be
incorporated.  They plan on having things like amplifier chips for cell
phones using this technology by early next year, and hope to license the
technology widely.  Apparently, they have nearly 300 patents registered
for this concept.

Interestingly, two days since the announcement, their stock continues to
slide. I don't make stock recommendations, but I bought some (using my
56K modem connection, BTW, ;-)) just in case they're onto something as
big as it sounds to me.



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