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Re: filmscanners: Dust removal software?

Jawed Ashraf wrote:

> Just one point: negatives get scratched, seemingly routinely by labs.  I
> bought the LS40 for ICE, *specifically* because of scratches which were
> driving me barmy.  Dust, by comparison, was giving me little problem.  So I
> don't fall into the group: "people who sing the praises of ICE are people
> who have a dust problem".  I have a scratches problem.  (I am now the proud
> owner of a digicam and intend never to shoot film again - well, I suppose
> I'll release the shutter on someone else's camera with film in it, if they
> like...)
> So if you have negs that are scratched, then you still have to seriously
> consider ICE.
> If you solely shoot slides and store them well then you prolly have very
> very few scratches to deal with, ever.  I think Roger is right, you can then
> remove the dust (brushing/blowing and rubber stamping) and forget ICE.

With regards to labs scratching negs and not slides:  Perhaps you are using the 
wrong lab?  Most high end E-6
machines are 'dip & dunk', and that goes for high end C41 developing machines 
as well.  Most scratches (in
development) are caused by roller transport machines....So perhaps it would be 
better to find a lab with a dip
& dunk machine?

Harvey Ferdschneider
partner, SKID Photography, NY


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