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Scratches was Re: filmscanners: Dust removal software?

"SKID Photography" <skid@bway.net> wrote:
> With regards to labs scratching negs and not slides:  Perhaps you are
using the wrong lab?  Most high end E-6
> machines are 'dip & dunk', and that goes for high end C41 developing
machines as well.  Most scratches (in
> development) are caused by roller transport machines....So perhaps it
would be better to find a lab with a dip
> & dunk machine?

My local experience has been that E6 are generally treated very well.  I
haven't had problems with E6 films getting scratched but there have been a
couple of times slides have turned up with thumbprints on them.  Colour neg
film is a completely different story.  If you've ever watched the way staff
throw the films around it's a wonder the scratches aren't worse.  I've
switched to a different lab that handles the films better, but even so the
C41 films are much more likely to be damaged because of handling during
printing.  I could get away from that by dev only and then scanning, but
prints are a handy guide to which photos are worth the time and hassle of
scanning.  Also - please bear in mind that we don't all live in areas where
there's a wide choice of labs!  There's lots of minilabs in my area, but
only one lab which does E6.  Most of the minilabs are set up for the tourist
trade and IMO treat films very poorly.  I'm just glad I found *one* place
that does treat the films reasonably well!


PS I had one lab claim that the scratches made by their gear were caused by
my camera - I have processed B&W film myself by hand and it had no
scratches.  I took my business elsewhere.


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