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filmscanners: ArtixScan 4000T Vs Nikon LS 4000 ED

Have to take a call on this.....

Anyone have the bottomline?

The background.... have/had and ArtixScan 4000T since May 2000. Generally
quite happy 'cept i always had a problem with the horizontal coverage...
suspect it was an alignment problem... basically image used to get cropped
from the right... with too much space on the left.... for critical work
found a workaround by using modified Wess mounts.... am in India so getting
it serviced was out of the question.... anyway... it's packed up... will try
and send it off for repair but need another one immediately.... so the
choice boils down to which of the two....

BTW, probably the only reason i didn't buy the LS2000 back then was the 2000
vs 4000 dpi issue. So, would also like to know if there are any known issue
with the Nikon 4000 ED?  Grateful for any inputs....




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