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RE: filmscanners: ArtixScan 4000T Vs Nikon LS 4000 ED

 Have an ArtixScan 4000T and an LS4000ED. Both will produce fine scans with
the requisite control and curve fiddling, both software packages have their
quirks. I did have trouble with the Artixscan software locking up when
trying to perform an "autofocus for prescan" of negatives (this feature
worked for positives). The tech I sent it to for repair said it worked fine
on his W98 machine (I use Windows 2000). So he sent it back and I haven't
tried it yet.
 I lean towards the Nikon 4000ED firstly for the D-ICE features, secondly
for the single-pass multiscanning, and GEM may prove useful though I am not
convinced yet (Photoshop may give me the same effect with more control), and
the generally more intuitve interface. Crash problems occur with NikonScan
3.1 software after only a couple of scan and saves. Batch scans don't always
complete all selected images.
 Either scanner does a fine job, and that IR channel is a godsend for
someone like me who just can't seem to get those last few dust particles off
the films. Scratches magically disappear as well.
 Vuescan will run both scanners, and gives multiscanning capability to the
ArtixScan 4000T. Registration of the multi-pass multiscans did seem to be a
problem though, as the images did get "fuzzier" viewed at higher
magnification. Not so with the Nikon.
 When I learn to use Vuescan to it's potential (which would be expedited by
an e-manual or help file with fuller explanations of what the controls are
attempting to do for simpletons like me), then my life will be complete.

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Subject:        filmscanners: ArtixScan 4000T Vs Nikon LS 4000 ED

Have to take a call on this.....

Anyone have the bottomline?

The background.... have/had and ArtixScan 4000T since May 2000. Generally
quite happy 'cept i always had a problem with the horizontal coverage...
suspect it was an alignment problem... basically image used to get cropped
from the right... with too much space on the left.... for critical work
found a workaround by using modified Wess mounts.... am in India so getting
it serviced was out of the question.... anyway... it's packed up... will try
and send it off for repair but need another one immediately.... so the
choice boils down to which of the two....

BTW, probably the only reason i didn't buy the LS2000 back then was the 2000
vs 4000 dpi issue. So, would also like to know if there are any known issue
with the Nikon 4000 ED?  Grateful for any inputs....




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