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filmscanners: Nikon Scan software with Coolscan 4000

    I have just purchased and am experimenting with the Nikon Coolscan 4000
ED scanner. I have the software upgrade (3.1) and when I use the software
stand-alone (outside of Photoshop) I get images from slides and things run
pretty well. This evening I tried to scan my first color negative. I did one
scan with ICE dust removal and things went great. I then tried setting the
GEM setting to 2 and the ROC setting to 0 and did one more scan, trying to
reduce the grain while leaving the ROC function inactive. Two things
happened. The scan was much, much darker than the first scan where I did not
alter the GEM or ROC settings. The second thing that happened is that the
software refused to let me save the scan. It kept coming back with a fatal
error - something to the effect that 'Nikon Scan cannot perform the desired
function - the program will now shit down.' It also stated that some entry
was made into an error log somewhere.
    I then tried to rescan the image using the import function in Photoshop.
This did work so I guess I can save the image if I scan it through
Photoshop. However the scan is still very dark.
    Could someone shed any light on these two problems?

thanks much,

Brian P.

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