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filmscanners: HP 5370 and Win2K

I'm having a devil of a time getting my new HP 5370 to work with Win2K.  Its
'new to me' though pretty much fresh out of the box.  So I ordered the
driver disk from HP.  They in their infinite wisdom, sent me a disk for the
5300, which I promptly installed.
My first clue was when the scanner inched forward 1/4" and then timed out.

OK, back on the phone with HP and they say oops, and send me a disk labled
PrecisionScan Pro V2.51  which they claim is the right disk for the 5370.  I
run it, and it prompts me to install the USB drivers which I do.

So I plug in my 5370 and the PnP wizard says "new Hardware" and identifies
it as an HP 5300!!!!!
Then  it prompts me for the HP5300cu.cpl file - which doesn't exist on the
V2.51 disk I received.

What's up with this?  Why is the system recognizing my 5370 as a 5300?  How
do I get it to stop?  Where do I find decent drivers for HP scanners?


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