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Re: filmscanners: Supra 400 shadows

> | I've been having good results using Supra 400 (SS4000, Vuescan, current
> | 7.1.7) except for the noise-like areas in dark parts of the image. At
> | times I can partially compensate for this by setting the black point but
> | only at the cost of losing shadow detail that at times is needed for the
> | image (and often still not really getting an adequately clean shadow
> | areas). Any suggestions about how best to deal with this problem?
> Keep the shadow detail and deal with it in post-scan processing with
> Photoshop or you software of choice.

Any suggestions?

I do generally set the black and white points in vuescan wide allowing
me room to set them in photoshop. I can get rid of some of the problem
that way, but lose shadow detail. I've also selected the affected
shadows and despeckled, which works kinda ok for backgrounds (as I guess
would a gaussian blur) but is not good when you need the shadow image to
retain its sharpness. I've also tried to select the affected area and do
a replace color on red or other speckeled pixels and then manipulate
them into the background. These techniques improve the situation but not
really to my satisfaction.

Has anyone not had the shadow speckling with this film? It doesn't seem
to be ccd noise so is it a grain interaction? (If so, there's up for a
hi-res drum scan that might fully resolve the grain, I guess.)

John M.


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