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Re: filmscanners: Scanning Mechanisms

rafeb wrote:
> At 02:43 AM 7/21/01 -0700, Art wrote:
> >Moving the film via a carrier, which is likely molded plastic, with
> >plastic gearing, and also having it need to "mesh' with the motorized
> >transport, and being that the carrier is prone to dust and dirt
> >attraction and "the elements", makes it much harder to maintain
> >integrity of precision movement.
> Clearly the film has to be in SOME kind of carrier,
> whatever the scanner brand.  

You've missed my point.

Most scanners require a film carriers of some sort (the HP S-20 is an
exception, as it uses the film edges or slide mount to move the film
with rollers).  I was suggesting that the method Nikon used which was to
use the film carrier to do rough positioning of the frame, and then to
have the CCD and optical mechanism move internally at that point to
capture the scan, rather than trying to move the carrier, was probably a
more precise method.

I was trying to give the Nikon design a compliment and even that is
misconstrued! ;-)



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