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RE: filmscanners: Scanning Mechanisms

At 09:29 AM 7/21/01 -0400, you wrote:

>> Clearly the film has to be in SOME kind of carrier,
>> whatever the scanner brand.  Austin's Leaf uses
>> aluminum carriers (Beseler) but all the scanners
>> I've owned have plastic-molded film holders of
>> varying complexity.  Frankly, I feel a bit more
>> comfortable with my negatives up against plastic
>> than against metal.
>I've thought about that...but you know, those carriers have been the staple
>of high end darkroom work for over 30 years!  I'm hard pressed to believe
>this is actually an issue.

I agree, if the edges are all properly de-burred 
and polished.  But sometimes they're not <g>.

As I recall, most enlargers (Beseler, Omega, etc.) 
at least in the old days, used flat aluminum film 

rafe b.


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