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Re: filmscanners: OT: Copyright on Photo's

I would be more interested in hearing how the photographs were acquired. It 
was stated that there was no signature. Was it a real auction or a garage 
sale? Not to be humorous, but for years people told me that they've seen my 
photographs at an occasional garage sale, or flea market. That's part of 
selling your art on the street for over 25 years.

Was there any indication of the photos being removed from their mats which 
might have contained the photographers name and contact information? How 
much did you pay for them? Was there any indication of a perceived value to 
think that you could make a profit from them on eBay?

If they did come from the art show world, I'd like to see a set of scans 
and maybe I could identify the photographer.


>Frank wrote:
>>I purchased a set of 4 Landscape Prints at an auction a couple days ago. 
>>It is my intention to sell them on eBay, however, they are un-signed so I 
>>am not to optimistic.
>>My question is: "Can I scan them, and display a small picture of them on 
>>eBay for advertising without violating the copyright of the original 

Larry Berman




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