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RE: filmscanners: OT: Copyright on Photo's

> I would be more interested in hearing how the photographs were
> acquired.

I attend a wide variety of auction types, this particular auction was what I
would classify as a "junk" auction. things like boxes of broken brooms, old
dishes etc. Typcially this stuff is sold out of storage lockers which people
failed to pay the rent on...

> It was stated that there was no signature. Was it a real auction or a
> sale?

It is a real auction, but the source of things being auction is certainly
questionable - we (my wife and I) often joke about thinking the auction
house raids garbage bins at night! :-)

> Not to be humorous, but for years people told me that they've seen my
> photographs at an occasional garage sale, or flea market. That's part of
> selling your art on the street for over 25 years.
> Was there any indication of the photos being removed from their
> mats which
> might have contained the photographers name and contact information?

No indication of tampering on the frames or matting. However, the frames are
synthetic (not work) and the matting is not that expensive looking. There
was hand written on the back on one "set of 4 prints - $100". (Caution
here - these low end auctions are known for planting false price tags and
other miss leading "hints" on items before an auction.)

> How much did you pay for them? Was there any indication of a
> perceived value to think that you could make a profit from them on eBay?

drum roll - the crowd that night was totally not interested in any kind of
art - paintings, photos, or anything else - the sell price was $5.00. There
is nothing to indicate I will be able to sell them.
> If they did come from the art show world, I'd like to see a set of scans
> and maybe I could identify the photographer.

I doubt these came from the show world - I am not much of a critic (yet) but
they appear to be lower quality than what I have seen in galleries/stores.
Composition is good, colors are dull, shadows are blockedup a bit. All
sences are "local" here in the Rocky Mountains.

I will send you a link to some scans this week - if they are soemthing you
can identify that would be great - but I don't think so...



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