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filmscanners: Profiling scanners...

Has anybody done this successfully?  I was impressed with the results I got
from Microtek's DCR Color Cablibration System back when I was still using
my 35t+ (which is available for sale, btw) and while I don't have any
complaint with the performance of the Minolta Scan-Multi that replaced it
(at least not relative to what I paid for it), I'm going to be stuck with
it for a while yet because of budget limitations and would like to do get
the best possible results from it that I can in the meantime.

So far as I can tell, Minolta makes no provision for using profiles in its
software and while Vuescan allows me to specify the color space it uses, it
doesn't appear to have made any provision for profiling, either.  Is there
any easy way to accomplish this?  I tried scanning my Q60 target and then
creating an action in PS to tweak the colors back into line (I've got a
slight magenta tint across the middle of the grayscale) but this didn't
work very well.  I've seen a reasonably priced scanner profiling setup for
Mac users but alas, I'm running a PC with W2k...

Any input or advice will be appreciated.  I'm still learning about
profiling, etc. so if my question makes me seem ignorant about the subject,
that's probably because I am...

Jeff Goggin
Scottsdale, AZ


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