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filmscanners: OT: David Bernbach?

Title: OT: David Bernbach?
As far as I know his name was Willam Bernbach. Perhaps you're thinking of another great copywriter David Ogilvy? (who past away not very long ago).

Both Bernbach and Ogilvy have written a great deal on advertising, which probably applies to all kinds of creative work for commercial purposes. Photography not the least.

It's definitely worth reading if some of you ever get the time. Myself, I always keep a good book besides the computer for the those more time consuming  moments of digital scanning and picture editing, just rotating someting in16 bits can be such a bore)


On this particular topic, I'm going to defer to the late David Bernbach (of Doyle/Dane/Bernbach and Volkswagen/Polaroid ad fame), to quote (paraphrased): "First, find a client that's being ignored. Next, help them out, show them how it should be done. Then, take the client and run, and set up your own Ad Agency...it's the only way you'll ever have the creative control you want and deserve!

Best regards--LRA

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