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Re: filmscanners: fogged film

Norman Quinn wrote:
> 800 and 400ISO. two rolls of kodak film
Ouch.  I can see why you had a problem especially given this;

> Would have been 8-10 passes though scanners Jamaica,
> Miami, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and back.

Double ouch.  Could you have processed the C41 somewhere locally?

> I usually shoot slide film and have never had this
> happen B4.

It's probably much slower film and has much lower latitude.

> Now the negs are so dense even multiple scans and auto
> correct just give me slight images on a white background. GRRR.

Sorry to hear that. :(  It sounds like they can't be saved.  If you
take more, you probably want to look at processing them locally
or worst case actually taking a C41 chemistry kit with you.
Getting the temperatures right in the Carribbean could be a
challenge though. :(



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