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filmscanners: RE: filmscanners - Off Topic! Support for Dan - was Unsharp mask..

Methinks someone may have missed the point of Dan Margulis' style..

As a 'disabled' person myself (perhaps not moronic, but pretty close), I 
find Dan a breath of fresh air, and what's more, he actually deals with my 

Yes, I am R/G colorblind.  :(   A nasty affliction if you enjoy this 
hobby..!  But some of Margulis' articles have been quite a revelation to 
me, and I enjoy his somewhat over the top writings.

I think the line quoted is quite inoffensive in its context.  If anyone is 
interested in the 'offending' article (which is about resolution, not 
sharpening), it's here:


<original message>
>I haven't read enough to know if this guy Margulis knows what he's talking
>about or not, but to quote from one of his articles:
>"Anyone who thinks that if a fine screen is good, than a finer one must be
>better is a moron."
>Right or wrong, I really have no interest in reading anything from someone
>who is so disrespectful of his readers and feels he needs to call them
>names, no matter how much of a genius he may be.


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