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Re: filmscanners: SS120 & Nikon 8000 ... how do they work?

On 12-07-2001, rafeb wrote:

>At 03:14 AM 7/12/01 -0700, Art wrote:
>>It seems to me for some reason that most of the newer medium format
>>scanners manufacturers decided to forego the zoom lens approach
>>that Minolta has and continues to use with their Multi models,
>  >and just basically use the same optics for all the film formats
>I was mistaken.  The lens in the 8000 ED is not a zoom lens.
>To quote: "Imaging Optics: Scanner Nikkor ED lens (14 elements in
>6 groups including 6 ED glass elements)"  No mention of zoom here.
>This would explain why its 35 mm res is no better than the res
>on 120 film.
>However, the upcoming/newly-announced Minolta medium-format
>scanner continues in Minolta's tradition of differing
>resolutions for differing media.

And in the meantime Canon came out with its D2400F, promising 48 bit, 
2400 dpi output (actually 2*1200 offset by half a pixel) from A4 
reflective and 4*5" transparent with FARE technology. No mention of 
Dmax. This could be just right for medium format negatives.
Hans Rijnbout
Universiteit Utrecht, CBLE
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