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Re: filmscanners: SS120 & Nikon 8000 ... how do they work?

At 11:16 PM 7/10/01, Jeff Goggin wrote:

>Perhaps someone can clarify something for me ... how do the new Nikon and
>Polaroid scanners achieve their claimed 4000dpi resolution for multiple
>formats?  Unlike most film scanners that accomodate multiple formats, the
>claimed resolution of these scanners doesn't decrease when they switch from
>35mm to medium-format, which suggests (to me, somebody who knows very
>little about scanner mechanics) that they're doing something other than
>using a different lens for each format.  Has anyone here figured out
>exactly what they've done and how?  

Good question, Jeff.

>From Nikon's specs, we know that they're using a 
10,000 x 3 element CCD.  Across a 2.25" media, 
this comes out to roughly 4000 dpi.

We also know from the specs there's some fancy 
14-element zoom lens in the box.

What's unclear then is why they can't or don't 
provide better than 4000 dpi on 35 mm media, 
or why a "zoom" lens, at all.

rafe b.


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